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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Jeff Gets Flattened (Guest Story)

On ocassion as most may already know, I post 'guest caps' that are 'Candy' based just to promote & give an extra special credit plus thanks for the creation/story.

This time, instead of a cap I was pleasantly surprised when I popped online to find an extended story based off of a cap I recently did HERE called 'Always Read Or?' which was another inanimate/flattening based cap that was centered around the infamous Bimbtech Bimbo Flattener.

Throne over on the site Fictionmania which many of us frequent & know took my 'Always Read Or' quickie cap I made & spun it a bit longer with a great mish mash of themes I love & use.

HERE's a link to his story 'Jeff Gets Flattened' which involves myself & my roomie Sean (Saucy Sean) plus the aftermath of what might or good chance would happen to my by Sean if I fell into the machine before being transformed, hentai-ed then pressed flat.

Many thanks again to Throne, be sure to check out his other storys over on Fictionmania which are various themed but with a good dose of Femdom, which I love!

Loved the story & would love to collaborate sometime as well, post here in this thread or drop me a note on Rachels Haven plus TF Media under my moniker 'one eyed pirate'.


  1. I have to thank you Candy for continuing to use the Falttener and myself in your caps as always.

    And Throne that was a very well written and sexy story. Thank you so much as well.

    1. No probs, your easy to cap since I know your likes. :3

  2. Sean, you're quite welcome. Candy, we really SHOULD collaborate. Anyone interested in 'inanimate' stories can check my very first Fictionmania post, LITTLE DAVEY.


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