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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Got What You Wanted, Right?

Just a quickie 'one shot' I did involving yours truly & what might happen when you get far too demanding or pushy towards the workers of your company!

I just wonder what options on the menu you guys will pick and/or what might happen to me/catgirl Candy when you do?

Be as descriptive as you can & more part 2 coming up of the 'hentai hiatus' story I'm writing atm.

Feels good to be cappin' again, missed it. ;9 ~


  1. Hmmm thats one Dvd i will be picking up as soon as possible. Or bluray whatever the highest quality. Hmmm What if at the main menu each time you change the selection You grow a bit more wet nyaing and mewing. At scene selection, the watcher can pick a number of locations which each have a unique scene. A few options A girls locker room for some dominant lesbian action. A living room where kitty kat candy, competes with a dog (christy?) to please their owner. or a dungeon for a Futa gangbang.

    I'm glad to see your backish :)

    1. Interesting concept for the changing part in the 'menu' section, with me getting more aroused with each theme change.

      Lockeroom scene is a given, many dominant buxom women including teachers & a gym coach, some wearing huge strap-ons while others have big cocks. That could also fall under the gangbang part, with me as the meat. ^^

      Like your ideas, just needs a good 'flattening' mixed in.

  2. Hmmm love your captions and thanks for your opinions

  3. Bimbo breast inflation segment? I gotta get me some of that! Awesome cap Candy. Regardless of what happens, can't wait to see what's next.

  4. think I would pump the breast inflation to the max hope the is a lip and arse option to.
    as for a flattened option how about a door mat looking up all those dresses at what you can't have as the spikey heels trample across.

    1. Inflated completely spherical, too the point that I resemble a big rubber ball. ;9 ~

      I could see this happening as well, but how would I end up flattened by said mistresses? Wringer, Steamroller or just by magic hands pressing at my front plus back before I press inward, flattened dizzily paper thin, cross eyed in shock & 2 dimensional.

    2. begging to be deflated and thin again defiantly through a wringer


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