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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Daily Affirmations #11

Many thanks to the ones that commented & posted various things on here or other blogs about the continued support. I try to not post about personal issues out in the open but everyone needs to 'vent' on occasion since 'real life' as most know can be a m%$#@!@#$%r!

As far as myself, I'm still dealing with 'work' nonsense but noticed a single comment asking for more of these one-shot 'Daily Affirmations' so I decided to whip one up just to try & kick my muse back into drive again.

Felt very good to create/cap even if these are very simple creations, there still lots of fun to do & are as said, an homage to the older SNL that did this with the same name, but without the TG or TF themes, haha. :3

I wont carry on about the 'struggles' of real life since thats what 'lifes' about but after sitting down for a few minutes & thinking, I will be continuing this even if updates will not be daily. Hopefully I can at least post a new cap once to twice a week, but we'll see.

Thanks again to all that have enjoyed the bimbo-y adventures of Candy, soon she'll be embarking on another humiliating embargo soon enough. 

So shall we continue?

This actually came to mind after a game of cards I played with a few friends the other day since you never know what another is thinking about, even a friend & if a bet is tossed into the scenario, who knows what might happen! 

Words to live by or not.


  1. I feel motivated ;-)

  2. Simple fun, and always perfect for starting the ball rolling again :).

  3. Oh Candy I can't say how much I missed you! Its soo good to see you are still around! Although I am never motivated to do what these say just the opposite in fact

  4. I really love your work, I hope you'll continue to find inspiration and that rl issues get resolved!

  5. You and the the rest of the tg community do great work. I enjoy your work very much. It's to bad reality forces so many great tg caption blogs to close. Hopefuly we can give you and the rest great support to do your great work.

  6. I love the Daily Affirmations. Please continue your excellent work.


  7. This is the way I always start out my mans day!


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