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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Decisions, Decisions? (Blah, Blah)

Usually I dont do posts like this since the things I create are moreso for my own enjoyment unless its a request/capback & if others reading them, like them then its a bonus.

While I know I havent been updating much the last few months, because of "real life" getting in the way, I have noticed that the lack of interest, commentary or remarks has dropped off which has made me think about things.

First off, I dont post my stuf just for commentary but it does help me to motivate in creating new content quicker so if people have opinions or a comment to add, nows the time since I'm debating retiring from cappin' & posting publicly as well as shutting this Blog down.

I will say that being someone thats been in the online TG/TF community for years, its definately went downhill on quite a few levels even if I have met some great people over the years & recently. 

Plus, my creativity has taken a backseat so its made me wanna take a hiatus for another month or so but because of a few things, I've mentioned I may shut it down & disappear even if thats undecided.



  1. Whenever I sit down and decide to look up captions, your site is the first I go to. You've got great tastes in material, and are really good at writing caps that are simple, but well done, often because of a really fitting story to fit the pictures you're capping. One good example is when there's a set of pictures of some model, you are good at choosing the pictures that show an expression of 'shock' to match the story, like in "Reality Checked"(just the most recent of examples).

    And those anime caps you do once in a while, my favorite, since there's so much freedom to tell a story in a lot of the settings.

    I hadn't posted anything in the comments for a while because I just get so busy, but every month or so I'll get around to leaving some comments at my favorite sites, and this just so happened to be that time of the month(I could make a pun about 'that time of the month'...but I'll refrain, XD)


  2. Well, whatever you ultimately decide, I wish you well. And I agree with your views on the state of the tg/tf community. Many of the sites I used to visit daily, are now nearly all dead or dying.

    A lack of comments and subsequent lapses in creativity have been a major problem throughout the caption community lately. A lot of people, including myself, have been finding it difficult to maintain an interest in running these blogs and producing content, mostly due to a lack of real feedback. I get some comments from a handful of people, but mostly the same people over and over. It is fairly rare to get a new person taking an interest.

    There is really nothing worse than spending hours making something you think is fun and original, only to have no one post any feedback on it for days, if ever. Or to have most of the comments little more than generic "I like this" posts. I'm not ungrateful but I'd like to have more in depth participation, to maintain my own interest.

    Anyway, I can only hope people become more active again. Best of luck to you, Candy. I've often enjoyed your captions, especially as you tend to hit on some of my own particular fetishes (bimbo's and forced situations).


    - B-Rex, http://degradeddamsels.blogspot.com/

  3. hay i got your back

  4. I really hope you don't go but ultimately I love your caps and hope you choose to preserve them even if you decide its time to stop creating them, I watch your blog with intrest, and try to comment occasionally (I'm pretty sure I have, have I?) either way. do whats best for you.

  5. I've always found your work extremely sexy and hot. You have a great touch and way of putting things that always makes me squirm. Ultimately you have to do what's best for you, but I would miss your blog if it were shut down.

  6. You gotta do what you gotta do, and creative work like this has to be done for yourself. If inspiration isn't striking, by all means take a break! I've always enjoyed your work though, so it'd be nice if you left it up :]

  7. I've been in the same boat recently. After taking a break for a couple of weeks, I've decided to give it another go. I hope you will do the same, as you would really be missed, but I completely understand if you decide it's time to walk away.

  8. You have to do what you have to do, but I love your caps. The TG capping scene would be diminished by your absence and I would miss your contributions.

  9. Please don't stop i love it

  10. The community is not the same anymore. A lot of good captioners stop posting and others are considering leaving. I still want to cap but, I don't feel inspired anymore to do it.

    - Tatiana

  11. I am a big fan of your captions, please whatever you decide don't take the site down. If the community looses you it will be a big loss, but taking down your work would even be worse.

  12. I am not sure how to interpret what you mean by the tg community going downhill. If you mean the average quality for new captions has fallen, then I agree, and I'm not sure what all the reasons are. Other than tfmedia's demise, I think a glut of tg content from the years may be keeping would be new consumers from creating. The internet has reached a critical mass.

    Well, people at large can fall in and out of inspiration the same as people...and since that seems natural I don't feel upset. However, I know how you feel about not having comments or even significant views on a carefully construction caption, and for what it's worth I've enjoyed and sought your anime captions.

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